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The Instant Language Assistant (ILA) empowers schools and universities to instantly and securely translate over 200 languages and dialects.


Communicate Across Every Language and Capability


Empower Your Team with 200+ Languages and Dialects


Step up your DEIA with this Realtime Interpreting Device

The Instant Language Assistant (ILA) is a surprisingly affordable solution that empowers your school to instantly and securely communicate with everyone in your community, regardless of their language or disability. The ILA helps your team change the trajectory of people’s lives by overcoming hurdles with budget, access, and language barriers.



Private. Encrypted. HIPAA Compliant.



Enjoy real-time conversations



Enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility



Newbie-friendly! Learn quickly.



Organization-specific intelligent features

Dissolve the Language Barrier

The ILA empowers your admin and faculty to reach every student and their families, regardless of their language and abilities. It adds a new level of accessibility with 24/7 access to interpreters on demand, increasing the speed and efficiency with which your team can communicate effectively with everyone.

Your Community Deserves A Quality Education

Connect more deeply with students and families from all backgrounds to become more involved in their education. This is the tool that can finally break the vicious cycle of the underserved community missing out on schooling and change their lives forever.

The award-winning ILA is the foundational tool in your toolbox that allows you to have realtime natural conversations on demand between two or more people, regardless of language differences. It’s the only communication solution that combines HIPAA-compliant AI with 100% accurate pre-loaded phrases, and the ability to bring on live interpreters at the touch of a button if needed.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Story a bout School who used ILA and impact it had

An Effective Solution in 3 Simple Steps

The ILA helps your team speak over 200 languages and dialects in moments, connecting admin and faculty to students and families of all backgrounds. 

  1. Discover – Get a live demonstration to see if ILA is right for your school
  2. Implement – Set up and configure your ILA devices in minutes
  3. Impact – Enjoy instant real-time conversations in over 200 languages and dialects and see lives changed

It's Always about Impact

The ILA changes everything about inclusion by offering every one of your team members the chance to speak with students, parents, and the community in their language.

Come join our movement towards the future of learning.


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