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ILA Features, Capabilities and Advantages

  • Supports over 120 languages and dialects

  • Speak, Spell Out Loud, Type or use a Braille Display

  • Automatic 1 click software updates

  • There is queuing for those that are connecting remotely

  • Buffering allows for use on low bandwidth and high error networks

  • Once a language is chosen the entire User Interface changes to that language

  • Ability to physically secure and secure the device using K-lock

  • Globally available cloud based service that constantly updates languages and improves accuracy without the need to update software

  • Devices can be used to access existing TRS services provided free by the FCC to support deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled citizens

  • Ability to connect external bluetooth devices

  • Encrypted, Private & HIPAA Compliant

  • Wifi or 5g Options

  • Supports Real Time Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Transcription and Translation

  • Ability to preload phrases allows streamlined interactions and business processes

  • Supports access to a live interpreter via voice or video in over 232 languages

  • Has remote ability to connect to ILA using only a web browser and communicate from anywhere

  • Two screen, two mics, two speakers and two external bluetooth hubs allow users to instantly view and verify their own input

  • Ability to change font color, size and background to support low vision and colorblind users