ILA by Industry

See how ILA can be used by your industry to serve citizens, save lives, increase customer acquisition rate, grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction, cut costs, raise productivity and create opportunity.

Does anyone in your organization ever need to talk to someone who speaks a different language?

Can you expand sales by being able to market to communities who speak different languages?

Would you like to be able to broadcast meetings or training sessions in one language and enable all participants to see/hear in their own language?



If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, TranslateLive’s Instant Language Assistant (ILA) will help you improve overall communications effectiveness. The dual-sided ILA allows people to easily and instantly engage in a natural conversation that is not only transcribed in real time but can also be translated in over 120 languages and dialects. You only need to speak or type in your native language; the conversation is then instantly transcribed and shown to participants in the language of their choice in real-time. Bluetooth devices such as keyboards and brille displays can be used to respond for those who do not speak or are unable to see. ILA also has the ability to instantly add on a live interpreter.


Federal State and Local Government

Perfect for Federal, State and Local Government offces as they reopen


  • Meets requirements for CARES ACT Funds
  • Allows hard of hearing to communicate when masks are being used
  • Will speed up communication so lines can go faster (No struggling to understand each other or look for person who can translate
  • Live interpreter can be added immediately in 232 languages


Use Cases:

  • DMV
  • Government Offices
  • Voting polls

Schools and Universities

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Employees and Citizens with Disabilities

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Hotels, Travel and Tourism

ILA was built for Hospitality and Travel!






On Countertop


Remote Communication


Hotel Staff

–     Front Desk – Room Service – In person
–     Concierge – Concierge – Remote
–     Retail
–     Restaurant


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S/M/L Business

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International Corporations

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