Translate Live

TranslateLive offers the ILA Pro device that empowers your organization to instantly and securely translate in over 140 languages and dialects.


No Matter Their Language or Capability


Empower Your Team with Accessibility for All
The ILA (Instant Langauge Assistant) ecosystem is an entire language access and accessibility communication platform which offers a solution for people to communicate with each other across over 140 languages and multiple dialects. It’s software, web interfaces, hardware, and administrative interfaces all hosted in the most advanced AI Cloud. Intelligent and intuitive design blended with AI and Organization-specific intelligence means every company employee can now communicate with customers in their preferred language, to dissolve the communication barrier. With added functionality built for supporting people with communication and mobility disabilities, your organization will be able to provide equitable services and ensure meaningful language access for the people you need to communicate with.

Serve Different Needs and Capabilities

The people in your organization want to be of service to everyone, but that’s not always possible when they’re faced with language barriers or disabilities they’re unable to accommodate. ILA was created to empower everyone to easily overcome these challenges and enjoy natural conversations in realtime.


Private. Encrypted. HIPAA Compliant.


Enjoy real-time conversations


Enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility


Newbie-friendly! Learn quickly.


Organization-specific intelligent features

Equal Access For Everyone

Serving the underserved used to be costly, and logistically challenging. The award-winning ILA replaces a traditional interpreter and is available on demand. It’s the only communication solution that combines HIPAA-compliant AI with 100% accurate pre-loaded phrases, and the ability to bring on live interpreters at the touch of a button if needed.

A Company That Cares

TranslateLive was created to address the growing gap in communication between people of all languages and abilities. Our products are designed to facilitate seamless and simple solutions that meet the needs of how everyone communicates.

While the ILA was designed for a broad range of possible uses, the early adopters who have fallen in love with its simplicity and effectiveness include:


ILA Industries

School logos
  • Front office
  • community outreach
  • Nurses office
  • Enrollment

Our ILA Pro Device empowers schools with the ability to communicate and have real-time conversations with students, parents and facility who speak another language as well as those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Government (Local, State and Federal)

  • DMV
  • Tax Collector
  • City Hall
  • Public Defenders 

ILA Pro can help non-native speaking citizens communicate their needs to organizational / governmental offices.

Translate-Live-ILA hospital-ila-device-Interpretation and Translation Software and Translation App


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Rehab Centers
  • Pharmacies

Using ILA can improve communication between the health system and people with disability or speaks another language. Leveraging technology like ours can promote equitable care, save time and reduce costs. 

Interpretation and Translation Software and Translation App Logo

For Profit Businesses

  • Retail
  • HR

Non-native customers and retail owners can more easily engage in conversations without the language barrier.


Travel and Hospitality

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Train stations
  • Rental cars

ILA Pro can help travelers communicate with the concierge staff to book a room, arrange a tour and make reservations easily.

ILA in Library

Non Profit

  • Churches
  • Food banks

Create more inclusive and accessible libraries using the ILA. 

Three Surprisingly Simple Steps to Clear Communication

Our service team offers free training and support for all ILA products, although it can be learned in moments.

  1. Discover – Get a live demonstration to see if ILA is right for your business
  2. Implement – Set up and configure your ILA devices in minutes
  3. Enjoy – instant real-time conversations in over 140 languages and dialects

A More Effective Team

How many more people could your staff serve when they’re able to communicate directly using the ILA? The cost savings over hiring in-person translation often pays for the device within the first year.


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