After years of experience building technology for those with disabilities the TranslateLive Platform and ILA were made by TranslateLive to specifically help those who were Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind. While in development it was realized that this device could assist in not only communication between people who have different communication abilities but also any two people who do not speak the same language. The TranslateLive Platform and the patent pending ILA Hardware are the only devices on the market built for Business and Government that now allows them communicate with ANYONE they need to interact with.

TranslateLive Software Platform

AI Language and Accessibility for the Professional World


TranslateLive is an all-encompassing language access platform that enables organizations to easily add language and communication disability access to any product, process or program.  The TL server platform software, web applications and APIs give companies, governments and organizations the ability to communicate with anyone and everyone.


  • Expand your customer base to include billions more people by adding real time language translation to your existing communications products
  • Provide support to customers, citizens and employees with disabilities in any language
  • Increase your employee productivity, expand your workforce pool and add efficiency to everyday human interactions


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Instant Language Assistant (ILA)

Communication with ANYONE



The always connected, always ready, dual sided, patent pending ILA makes it possible for any two people, no matter their language or disability, to instantly start communicating in under 5 seconds in over 120 languages/accents. 


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