by Riya V. Anandwala Director of Industry Communications;
Danielle Cassagnol Senior Manager of Industry Communications

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® Foundation announced the selection of five winners for its CES® 2020 Eureka Park Accessibility Contest. The winners – Access Explorer, Intuition Robotics, Loro, Mieron and TranslateLive – is a startup designing technology to benefit older adults and people with disabilities.

“This year’s collection of entries was among the strongest we have seen since we started the competition five years ago,” said Henry Chiarelli principal, Chiarelli and Associates, CTA Foundation Trustee and one of the judges of the contest. “The winners this year represent a truly unique cross section of innovative and creative technology solutions focused on quality of life issues, enabling people of all ages and abilities to live independently. We look forward to celebrating their work at CES 2020.”

The winning companies bring innovations to market that support the CTA Foundation’s mission – linking seniors and people with disabilities with technologies that enhance their lives. Each winner receives a booth in Eureka Park – the global stage for startups – and $2,500.

The five startups selected are:

  • Access Explorer: Cavu, an application for both iOS and Android devices developed by Access Explorer, provides turn-by-turn navigation in indoor environments for people with disabilities and older adults with age-related disabilities, with the aim to alleviate the common accessibility gaps present in indoor navigation.
  • Intuition Robotics: The company’s first product, ElliQ, is a proactive social robot for older adults that uses motivation techniques and proactive suggestions to keep users active and engaged by connecting them to their families and the outside world.
  • Loro: A robotics startup, Loro is developing a smart assistive companion for wheelchair users, which empowers its users with increased independence and connectedness by enhancing their vision, communication and safety.
  • Mieron: MieronGO provides a library of VR neurotherapy exercises such as upper body mobility, core stability and gait training, based on the principles of locomotive training, physical therapy and occupational therapy for all levels of mobility.
  • TranslateLive: The Instant Language Assistant device allows older adults and those with disabilities to instantly communicate with anyone they meet, in person or at a distance. It can help those who are deaf, hard of hearing, low vision, blind, deafblind, speech-disabled and accessible for those with mobility disabilities.

“The consumer technology industry is continuing to advance innovations that enable us to live healthy, independent lives regardless of age or ability,” said Stephen Ewell, executive director, CTA Foundation. “At CES 2020 we will find examples of life-changing technology from one end of the show to the other, including in marketplaces like accessibility, AI and robotics, health and wellness, smart homes and vehicle tech. We are excited to feature these five companies as innovators showing the positive impact that technology can have.”

From traditional assistive devices such as screen readers and hearing aids to self-driving vehicles, exhibitors at CES 2020 will display a range of technologies that is making the world more accessible for all.

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