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We translate over 200 languages and dialects everyday on demand in over 3,000 organizations & schools nationwide

TranslateLive developed the award-winning ILA, the only accessible communication solution that combines HIPPA compliant AI, preloaded phrases with 100% accuracy, and on-demand human interpreters.


TranslateLive’s mission is to broaden the spectrum of accessible communication. We build solutions that allow our customers to have real-time conversations regardless of language or communication differences.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Quigley

Vice President, Business Development

Jennifer's Why:

"Elevating disability inclusion & accelerating accessibility across our organizations and the workforce."

Jason Velasco

Vice President, Business Development

Jason's Why:

"Passionate about breaking language barriers, promoting inclusivity & inspiring positive change."

Sheldon Franklin

Vice President, Business Development

Sheldon's Why:

"Driven by personal growth, championing solutions that inspire progress."

Peter Hayes


Peter's Why:

"Passionate about solving communication challenges, engaging customers & applying emerging solutions."

Becky Copeland


Becky's Why:

"Dedicated to effective, equal and universal communication, regardless of barriers or differences."

Elle Goldman


Elle's Why:

"Championing equality and unifying the world through better communication"