How It Works

Suite of Language Access Tools

ILA is comprised of hardware, software and web interfaces all hosted in the most advanced AI Cloud, ensuring remote or in person capabilities.


Instant Language Assistant

It’s the only translation technology that combines intelligent & intuitive design with AI & organization-specific intelligence, which ensures ILA offers the most accurate translation you can have. 

Built for supporting people with communication and mobility disabilities. Provide equitable services, and ensure meaningful language access for the people you need to communicate with. 

Every company employee can now communicate with your customers in their preferred language

Dissolve the communication barrier

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1. Open ILA App

The ILA Pro device is double-sided. Power on both the host's side & guest's.

For web, simply log into your account

Video features the ILA Pro Hardware Device

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2. Select Translation Tool

Choose between AI translation in either 1:1 conversation or broadcast mode, or select live interpreter mode

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2. Select Translation Tool

Choose between AI translation in either 1:1 conversation or broadcast mode, or select live interpreter mode

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3. Choose Your Language & Dialect

Your guest can easily choose which language they want, and for even better accuracy, they can select their dialect.

Select Your Language

ILA offers over 200 language and dialects, ensuring 100% accuracy

Select Your Dialect

ILA Dialects. Choose a dialect of your primary language for better accuracy.

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4. Start Communicating

Easy & instant translation available so you can have meaningful conversations 24/7 with people who speak a different language.

Video features the ILA Pro Hardware Device

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4. Start Communicating

Easy & instant translation available so you can have meaningful conversations 24/7 with people who speak a different language.

ILA Features
  • Supports over 200 languages and dialects

  • Speak, Spell Out Loud, Type or use a Braille Display

  • Automatic 1 click software updates

  • There is queuing for those that are connecting remotely

  • Buffering allows for use on low bandwidth and high error networks

  • Once a language is chosen the entire User Interface changes to that language

  • Ability to physically secure and secure the device using K-lock

  • Globally available cloud based service that constantly updates languages and improves accuracy without the need to update software

  • Devices can be used to access existing TRS services provided free by the FCC to support deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled citizens

  • Ability to connect external bluetooth devices

  • Encrypted, Private & HIPAA Compliant

  • Wifi or 5g Options

  • Supports Real Time Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Transcription and Translation

  • Ability to preload phrases allows streamlined interactions and business processes

  • Supports access to a live interpreter via voice or video in over 250 languages

  • Has remote ability to connect to ILA using only a web browser and communicate from anywhere

  • Two screens, two mics, two speakers and two external bluetooth hubs allow users to instantly view and verify their own input

  • Ability to change font color, size and background to support low vision and colorblind users


Most Popular Questions

If you would like to connect to the host using own device or from a remote location there are three ways to connect:

– Get the room code and enter it on the website:

– Use the QR scanner from your mobile to scan the QR code to enter the room

– Get a direct link from the host that will automatically connect to the room

ILA – The Instant Language Assistant Capabilities Statement

The ILA Pro by TranslateLive allows any two people to easily and instantly have a natural conversation that is transcribed and translated in real-time in over 120 languages and dialects.

Live Language Translation

  • Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Speech to Speech
  • Under 5 seconds to start communicating
  • 120 Languages and accents
  • Ability to control language display order
  • Entire interface changes to chosen language


Speech to Text & Text to Speech

  • Ability to instantly see your own text and verify accuracy
  • User can speak, spell out loud or type
  • Text to Speech allows other users text to be instantly read aloud


Disabilities Access

  • Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Low Vision, DeafBlind, Mobility


Security and Privacy

  • All communication to and from is Encrypted
  • Private conversation and no data is saved by provider
  • HIPAA compliant



  • Ability to choose accent for several common languages
  • Provides higher accuracy for Speech to Text
  • Higher user satisfaction when seeing their own accent


Remote 1 to 1 Connectivity

  • Each ILA has a web link for remote access
  • 3 ways to connect. URL, Website with code, QR code
  • Provides buffering and Queuing


Remote Broadcast Ability

  • Second link supports large numbers of users connecting to device in different languages and all will see the text in their own language


Live Interpreter

  • Ability to add a live interpreter via audio or video
  • Supports access to interpreters in 250 languages including Sign Language
  • Ability to program ILA to use customers’ existing language provider for live interpreting
  • Ability to have calls to go to customers’ in-house interpreters first


Accessibility Controls

  • Change color, font, size, background
  • Ability for Host to control both microphones


Add on device support

  • Braille Displays
  • External speakers and microphones
  • Other accessibility bluetooth devices such as loop, flasher, etc.


Pre-Programmed Phrases

  • Ability to pre-program phrases for the most common interactions
  • Ability to add the entire business process for faster interaction times


Support and updates

  • Product is supported
  • Ability to be open or locked in kiosk mode
  • Continuously improves without need for updates as technology is in the cloud
  • Auto-updating of apps with a single click
  • Mobile Device Management ability for large managed deployments

Daily use:

It contains a long charging cable with y cord with the right angle that fits into the slots on the ILA if you want to keep it plugged in during the day. Please ensure that both devices are charged properly so there will be no issues throughout the day. You can verify by looking at the battery icon on the device’s status bar on the upper right to see it is charging (it would appear with the battery icon along with the lightning icon inside). 

When you are using the ILA device, please make sure the stand’s stance is wide open to secure the upright position and prevent the risk from falling. If you are not using them, you may close the latch and properly secure it somewhere safe. 

Before you can start using the ILA for the day, make sure you place the ILA device where you can see the ILA device clearly without any obstruction such as desk stand, objects around the ILA device, and such. It should be the same as the Guest side. 

When you are in the room, be aware of the potential noise environment that may hinder the ability of the ILA to do the speech to text. However, the ILA has a unique ability to recognize the sound and filter out the noise but to maximize the ILA’s speech to text performance, it is best to ensure that the only noise is coming from a person’s voice. 

Also, if you are in the session room, press the button and speak slowly and clearly to ensure that the speech to text will function at its best. Please observe your own room to make sure that the text is coming out correctly. Keep in mind, if you pause, the sentence line will break into the next line. 

When you are done using the ILA device for the day, please ensure that the device’s power is off and store it somewhere secure. The charger cord should be with the ILA device. Also, it is best to have an additional accessory such as wireless keyboards, handsets, or even external speakers to be placed somewhere all together. 


Please ensure that the ILA device is connected to WiFi or hotspot all of the time. You can observe the WiFi icon on the upper right to ensure that the device is connected to WiFi. Always check the WiFi icon before you can use the ILA. Without any internet, the ILA will not work. If there is no WiFi, check to make sure the device settings enable the WiFi. If not, please contact your network administrator. 

If you have any additional devices such as a wireless keyboard or an external speaker that is connected to Bluetooth, be sure to check the Bluetooth icon on the status bar (upper right) to ensure that it is connected. If there is no icon, please double check to see if your settings allow the device to be connected with Bluetooth. 

How is the ILA Different from Google Translate?

The ILA was MADE for Business.

The ILA device has several advantages over using Google Translate.   All of the items listed below are all advantages the ILA device has that Google Translate does not have.

Privacy and Security

All communication to and from the ILA is encrypted and private.  No data is mined and no information is saved by the ILA or the TranslateLive platform.   


ILA provides access for those with Disabilities.  The device can be used by the deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, blind, low vision as well as those with speech and mobility disabilities. 

Capability and Usability Advantages

ILA provides the ability to bring on a live interpreter in over 250 Languages

ILA allows both parties to see their own text in real time.  Both people immediately know if it understood them correctly and if not, the user can re-speak, spell out loud or type.

ILA allows for someone to connect remotely and have a live translated conversation.   The two people using it don’t need to be in the same physical location.

ILA provides a broadcast mode allowing a single speaker’s voice to simultaneously be translated to thousands of users in their own language in real time.   

ILA is always on, always connected and ready to use.  Takes less than 5 seconds to start a conversation.

ILA doesn’t require the passing back and forth of a device.

ILA allows the customer to choose their language on their own side of the device.

ILA allows both people to speak at the same time as opposed to only one person at a time.

ILA can be placed on any size counter top and be secured using a K-lock.

ILA allows for pre-configured phrases allowing faster interactions.

  • The device contains Bluetooth connection 4.2 and will work with the following accessories:
  • Bluetooth Keyboards
  • External Mics
  • External Speakers
  • Loop Systems for Hard of Hearing
  • Braille Displays for the Deaf-Blind
  • Wireless Handsets
  • The best cases for effective communication using ILA is for direct back and forth communication or one way captioning.
  • Speak clearly and enunciate your words.
  • Speak in one continuous sentence without long pauses.
  • Don’t use slang, metaphors or colloquialism as often those are translated literally.
  • Minimize background noise.
  • If what you are saying is not being translated correctly you can:
    • Repeat
    • Spell out
    • Type it

Yes, conversations are not recorded, held or used by TranslateLive.

If the text goes to a new line even though current line is not full that represents a pause in the other users speaking.

Be sure to follow the steps by steps to troubleshoot:

– Ensure that the WiFi is connected

– Check to see if the speech to text is enabled under the settings

– Try and restart both devices