Instantly and Effectively Communicate

No Matter the Language, Disability, Device, or Location.

ILA is the first real-time language communication solution built for Business, Organizations and Government. ILA is the only communication solution that combines AI, your Organization Intelligence, and On-Demand Live Interpreters, built for Accessibility.

Artificial Intelligence

Using a variety of AI engines we are able to make sure the best engine for each language is being used for the most accurate translations.

Organizational Intelligence

ILA can be pre-loaded with your organization’s proper names, terms and phrases to make sure your conversations are translated correctly.

Access to Interpreters

With one click, you can add a live interpreter to your conversation in over 250 languages including American sign Language. You can use your own VRI contractors or use on of ours.


ILA was built to assist those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Deaf-Blind as well as those with physical impairments.

ILA Options


The ILA Technology allows any two people to easily and instantly have a realtime, natural back and forth conversation no matter what language or method they use to communicate. Users can speak, spell out load, or type and results are immediately displayed and voiced to both people in their native language.



ILA Pro Device

ILA Software



  • 120 languages and dialects available through AI

  • Accessible for those with disabilities

  • Live Interpreter Options: AI not sufficient? Bring on a trained Live Interpreter in over 250 languages via video and/or audio on demand.

Quick Video About ILA

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