Translate Live


The ILA devices were built to help people with disabilities.

Just speak or type, the conversation is instantly transcribed and shown to both people in real-time. Bluetooth devices such as keyboards and braille displays can be used to respond for those who do not speak.

The ILA by Translate Live allows people to have a natural conversation that is not only transcribed in real time but can also be translated in over 120 languages and dialects.

Why use an ILA?

  1. Great for employees with disabilities to help increase communication, productivity and employment access. (If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and work for the Federal Government contact us about options on how to get an ILA )
  2. Perfect for Retirement homes as well as at home for family and friends who have trouble hearing.
  3. Life Changing for the Deaf-Blind, allowing them to communicate with anyone using a braille display.
  4. Ability to add on live interpreter via VRI or VRS if needed.

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