IT & Security Overview

ILA's suite of translation tools for businesses is Secure & Encrypted, HIPAA compliant, ISO 27001 certified

ILA is Designed for Secure Conversations

ILA was built with the highest level of security in order to serve the organizations that need it most, such as the Department of Homeland Security, World renowned medical institutions, law organizations, First responders as well as state and local governments. The product is specifically designed to meet the most stringent security requirements to ensure that transmitted data is secure and that no data is saved anywhere. It’s HIPPA-compliant and manufactured in a TAA compliant country.


Conversation Data

Conversation data is never saved anywhere. As text appears, it is not stored on the device or in a cloud. When sessions end, the text is discarded and no longer exists anywhere. Even if subpoenaed, it cannot be retrieved. Translate Live pays our engine providers top-tier pricing so that the data isn’t even saved to train their engines.

Alternatively, if your organization does want to save conversations locally or to a network storage, we can help arrange this. You can also license the entire platform, set it up on your own cloud, and save everything according to your protocols.

Logged Data

To better serve each customer, anonymous interaction detail records are saved for every conversation. This includes which languages were used, the device name and number, and conversation start and stop times.


ILA Secure Cloud Service

The ILA Pro uses two tablets to enable 2-way communication. Each side of the ILA device connects independently to the cloud. The conversation flows from each tablet to the cloud, then back to the other tablet.

All conversations are encrypted in transit using TLSX or later.

All communication between devices and the cloud is fully encrypted using HTTPS/TLS 1.3 with minimum SHA256 bit encryption making it fully HIPAA compliant.

Required Bandwidth

For AI use only ILA requires less than 64 kbps

For Spoken Language VRI via audio 64 kbps is needed

For VRI via video (Sign Language) 384 kbps is recommended

Firewall Ports

When using the ILA for AI translation and transcription it only uses:

Port: 443
To Domain:

If connecting to a live interpreter from the device, the following ports must be opened:

STUN: 13478-13479 UDP and TCP

WebRTC Web Socket: 8443 TCP

HTTP and HTTPS: 80, 443 TCP

RTP: 16384 – 32768 UDP

To Domain: If you need the domain name or IP to whitelist for VRI, please contact


Security Reviews

The ILA App and ILA Cloud Service have passed several security reviews conducted by major organizations that require the strictest security measures.

SSL Server Test Rating = A+

Code Reviews, Network Diagrams, Penetration Testing Results, Risk Reviews, and all policy documents can be provided upon request of a formal security assessment.

TranslateLive currently has ISO 27001 Certification.

Cloud vs On-Premises​

TranslateLive provides a secure cloud service for the ILA. However, if your organization doesn’t want to use this cloud service, the ILA Server and apps can be licensed and set up on your organization’s cloud, where TranslateLive has no access to any part of the system.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM software allows IT administrators to control, secure, and enforce policies
on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other endpoints.

As of April 2024 TranslateLive puts our MDM on all devices before shipment (previously added only by request), which automatically puts each ILA Pro device into Kiosk Mode once powered on, and limits user control to the most basic functions, allowing only the ILA Software to be opened. Users will also have limited control over settings, with access to only WiFi and Bluetooth controls. Everything else is locked down, ensuring the maximum security level.

If needing to discuss options to install your own MDM please reach out to your sales person.