The dual sided ILA allows any two people to easily and instantly have a realtime, natural back and forth conversation no matter what language or method they use to communicate. Simply approach the device, or connect remotely via the web, choose your language/accent and start communicating. Customers can speak, spell out loud or type and results are immediately displayed and/or voiced to both people in their native language – preventing confusion and increasing sales potential.



  • Globally available cloud-based services that constantly updates languages and improves accuracy without the need to update software
  • Ability to preload phrases allows streamlined interactions and business process support
  • Buffering facilitates use on low bandwidth and high-error networks
  • Encrypted, Private & HIPPA compliant
  • Dual screens, mics, speakers and external Bluetooth hubs allow users to instantly view and verify their own input
  • Supports access to a live interpreter via voice or video in over 232 languages; available 24X7X365
  • Ability to physically secure the ILA device using K-locks
  • Remote ability to connect to ILA using only a web browser
  • Flexibility to change font color, size and background to support individual user preferences
  • Devices can be used to access existing TRS services, provided free by the FCC, to support deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled citizens

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