Communicating across languages can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, especially if both parties are not in the same physical location. To power its live AI language translation platform, TranslateLive needed a solution that could reliably convert between text and speech in real time without requiring a tremendous investment in back-end infrastructure.

Google Cloud Results

  • Provides quick language translation times via Compute Engine performance gains
  • Creates versatility with Google detection for more than 100 voices and languages
  • Offers cost-effective live translation platform for groups including non-government organization aid workers

Enabling Change

Solutions: Modern Application Development

TranslateLive allows two people who do not speak the same language to communicate via real-time speech-to-text conversion and translation on their own mobile device or desktop web browser. Since TranslateLive is web browser-based, customers can have secure and encrypted translated conversations with others who could be in the same location or on the other side of the world without having to download a separate app. For customers such as travelers, TranslateLive can be a versatile local resource to handle quick daily interactions such as a shopping run, ride-share, or hotel concierge.

The TranslateLive platform uses Compute EngineTranslation API, and Cloud Speech-to-Text to drive its live translation features. Compute Engine provides the necessary performance and scalability for real-time translation without latency issues, while Translation API and Cloud Speech-to-Text handle additional translation needs within the TranslateLive browser tool and mobile app. Google language intelligence also helps TranslateLive understand and accurately translate different accents, while Google Cloud Platform infrastructure overall lets TranslateLive focus on development instead of tasks such as setting up local servers.

For nonprofits and other non-governmental organizations that frequently work internationally, TranslateLive envisions its platform as a cost-effective way for workers to communicate with residents who do not speak the same language. Other TranslateLive scenarios include call center help agents using the service to talk with customers who speak different languages, along with an in-app Broadcast Mode that allows public speakers to have their speech translated into text in more than 100 languages for listeners who want to follow along in their native language.

As part of the Google Cloud Startup Program, which offers training, mentorship, and free credits to help startups get up and running efficiently in the cloud, TranslateLive was able to offer a Free Trial of its app, using these credits to help cover both cloud and API costs.

TranslateLive’s sister company VTCSecure also works in the deaf communications space and is exploring TranslateLive applications that could produce similar accessibility-friendly benefits.

“Google APIs and Google Cloud Platform easily integrated with TranslateLive and worked alongside our existing services with just a couple of lines of code. They added valuable performance gains and functionality to the TranslateLive platform that allows for real-time translation at scale.”

Peter Hayes, Founder and CEO, TranslateLive