TravelAbility Trusts ILA Pro TranslateLive

TravelAbility Trusts ILA Pro TranslateLive
March 20, 2024, BY 

Translation software has made big strides in recent years, thanks in part to AI. Translate Live is setting itself apart from a crowded field of translation services by packaging their software in a very practical format. The ILA Pro features two screens that can be set up back to back in an A-frame that allows two people to have a real-time translated conversation. A perfect accessory for a visitor center, museum, or hotel front desk. The ILA Pro can translate  more than 100 languages including braille and ASL with the ability to connect to human signers. 

Watch the presentation of Translate Live’s CEO and founder Peter Hayes submitted for the InnovateAble competition at EMS 2023.

TravelAbility Trusted: ILA Pro from Translate Live

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