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Interpretation and Translation Software and Translation App



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Instantly and Effectively Communicate

No Matter the Language, Disability, Device, or Location.

“Our differences are our strength as a species and as a world community”
-Nelson Mandela 

People communicate in different ways, in different languages and with unique abilities.
Everyone has something to say. Everyone wants to be understood.
Your organization wants to listen, to help, and to understand…
Now you can.

That’s why TranslateLive created ILA.

ILA is the first language communication solution that allows people to easily and instantly have a real-time, natural back-and-forth conversation, no matter the language, disability, device or location. Using ILA App on their own devices or the All-In-One ILA Pro Device users can speak, spell out loud, or type, and the entire conversation is immediately communicated to the other party in their chosen language.

ILA is the only accessible communication solution that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), your Organization-specific Intelligence (OI), and on-demand human Interpreters (HI) when needed.

Artificial Intelligence

Real-time conversations instantly translated and transcribed using the most sophisticated language AI on the planet. 100% encrypted with no data mining, making ILA HIPAA compliant and safe for Government use.

Organizational Intelligence

Pre-load your organization’s proper names, terminology, and documentation for unmatched accuracy. Store your commonly used phrases, business processes, and communication protocols, ensuring communication with 100% accuracy.

Access to Interpreters

With one click, you can add a live human interpreter to your conversation in over 250 languages including American Sign Language. You can use your own VRI contractors or use one of ours.


ILA was built to assist those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Deaf-Blind as well as those with physical impairments.


Accessible, Intuitive and Convenient

-Intuitive. No training required.

-In-person or remote connectivity via the web.

-Purpose-built hardware or software for any device.

-AI or human interpreter options.


Confidential conversations

-No data mining or saved conversations.

-100% Encrypted.

-HIPAA compliant and safe for Government use.

-Securable via Mobile Device Management.


Accessibility for All

-Supports 250 languages and dialects.

-Supports people with disabilities.

-Deaf, hard of hearing, low vision, deafblind, and mobility disabilities.

-Approved accessibility and accommodation solution.


Make it Yours

-Preloaded phrases and processes for 100% accuracy.

-Add your Organizational Intelligence.

-Use with external devices.

-Integration with existing OPI or VRI vender.

Interpretation and Translation Software and Translation App

The ILA technology allows any two people to easily and instantly have a realtime, natural back and forth conversation no matter what language or method they use to communicate. Users can speak, speak out loud, or type and results are immediately displayed and voiced to both people in their native language.


ILA Pro Device. Showing guest side with language selection
Out-of-the box solution, ready to communicate with anyone.


Iphone with guest using ILA app in Spanish. Nurse behind counter in background
Customized enterprise communication solutions for existing hardware. Schedule your free consultation.

Live Interpreter Options: AI not sufficient?

Bring on a trained Live Interpreter in over 250 languages via video and/or audio on demand.

Who we serve


Great for employees with disabilities to help increase communication, productivity and employment access.

Hospitality and Travel

Car Rentals


Vaccine Centers
Assisted Living Facilities


Vaccine Distribution
Colleges and Universities
Social Security
Internal Revenue Service
Permits Department

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    2020 CTA CES® 2020 Eureka Park
    Accessibility Award Winner
    DHS S&T SVIP Awards Phase 1
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    M-Enabling Summit 2019
    Won Most Innovative Product
    Patent Translation Services

    With globalization creating a world-wide market for goods and services, the timeline for launch, development and improvement of new products is far shorter than a decade ago. The pressure to secure the intellectual property assets and protect the proprietary IP in multiple jurisdictions -through patenting, copyright and trade marking requires a fast, efficient process in multiple languages. With increasing infringements of international property rights, and with the internet enabling easier searching and researching of global intellectual property, the securitisation of legal rights in pursuit of intellectual property protection has become an increasingly difficult challenge to overcome.

    Navigating the language requirement and being first to file are just a few of the major hurdles one is required to overcome today. Finding a translation provider who can provide technical accuracy, clarity in communication, and subject-matter expertise are key to maintain the integrity of the original patent and other IP information. Translating patents requires a skilled and organized approach to achieve the superior level of quality required for any industry.

    We can provide patent and patent-related translation services to many corporate IP depts and private patent law firms in the U.S. and abroad. We have the knowledge and expertise on a global scale, successfully working with Patent law firms to facilitate USPTO customer filings of US applications or alternatively, if they facilitate with an overseas law firm, we can support them with the filing of a US version of a non-English patent with the USPTO.
    If a patent law firm’s customer wants to file a foreign-language version of a U.S. patent in a foreign jurisdiction, our highly accurate and technical translations are used to supply the foreign agent with a translation in the required non-English language. We also assist overseas IP firms with the translation of their applications into English for filing with the USPTO. TB Alliance translate all types of IP documents: the patents themselves, communications between the IP firm and the various national patent offices, trademark applications, IP litigation documents, etc.